Are You A High School Principal? 4 Reasons To Initiate A Fundraising Campaign For Nonprofit Children Wish Opportunities

Working with high schoolers is a special experience that gives you the opportunity to help shape your students' lives right before they begin living as adults. At this point, your high school students are often eager to embrace chances to practice independence and engage in real-life learning opportunities. When you're looking for that special something to help round out your students' development, you don't have to look far. Choosing to participate in fundraising for nonprofit children wish opportunities helps you achieve these important goals.

Open Up Leadership Opportunities

Many of your students may be looking for places to let their skills shine. A fundraising campaign for a children's wish organization often allows total freedom for your students to come up with ways to recruit donations. Encouraging your students to create a team for planning and other needs gives them new opportunities to serve in leadership roles.

Provide Hands-On Lessons In Empathy and Compassion

When your students work with a nonprofit children wish organization, they get to know the young kids that they are working hard to help. Meeting a child who lives with cancer or another life-threatening health condition is an eye-opening experience for teens who may often only be surrounded by a small group of their peers. Seeing both the hope and struggles of the children they help can cultivate a sense of compassion in everyone who gets involved in the campaign.

Create a Deeper Connection Within Your Community

Building school-to-home connections is still important at the high school level, but it gets harder to achieve this goal as parents and other members of the community tend to focus on the younger grades. Once students get excited about helping a child's wish come true, they'll be eager to do fundraising activities that gets the whole community involved. Whether your crew holds a dance that is open to all of the schools in your district or they host a car wash, watching as the whole community gets behind the cause is inspiring.

Help Students Recognize the Value of Community Service

Teens sometimes dread having to fulfill community service hours for graduation because they sometimes have to get involved with organizations that don't resonate with their interests. Making a child's wish come true also feels like a dream come true for teens who love helping others. Turning community service into a deeply personal experience helps teens see the value of contributing to the overall happiness of others who face different life circumstances.

Contact nonprofit children wish organizations near you to learn more.

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