FAQs About The "A" In STEAM Summer Camp

What do parents need to know about the "A" in STEAM? A STEAM summer camp provides children with the chance to explore new concepts, problem-solve, build on academic ideas, and more. If STEAM summer camps are the next activities on your child's off-school season agenda, take a look at the top "A" questions parents have answered. 

What Is the "A" In STEAM?

You've heard of STEM summer learning camps. How are these science, technology, engineering, and math programs different from STEAM camps? Obviously, the key is in the "A." STEAM includes the content areas you'll find in STEM programs. Along with the science, technology, engineering, and math activities, STEAM camps also include art. 

Why Is There An "A" In STEAM?

More specifically, why add an "A" to STEM? Even though STEM education has plenty of academic and developmental benefits without the "A," the extra art content can help your child to build new skills. These include creativity, critical thinking, and fine motor abilities. 

Along with the additional skill-building art brings to STEM activities, this type of content can also help to interest your child in new types of content or different educational areas. If your child already can't get enough of art class or art activities, STEAM camps may help them to enjoy other areas (such as science, technology, engineering, or math). 

What Is A STEAM Camp?

There's no universal or standard answer to this question. While all of these programs focus on STEAM areas, each camp may have a different focus or combine different STEAM aspects. This means a STEAM summer program may include science and art, art and math, technology and art, or other groupings of these educational areas. Some camps may combine more than two areas or include all five areas.

What Will Your Child Learn In This Type of Camp?

Again, you won't find one answer to this question. Beyond the types of content (art and science, art and engineering, art and technology, art and math, or all of the above), each camp focuses on different themes, materials, and processes. If you're not sure what to look for or which camp is the best option for your child, start with their natural interests. 

Discuss the camp options with your child and ask them which program (or programs) are the most interesting. They may want to choose a camp that has a theme they already enjoy learning about, such as dinosaurs, outdoor adventures, painting, rainbows, animals, chemistry, biology, or computers.

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