Online Cybersecurity Program: Phishing And Firewalls

As the world continues to turn to digital solutions for real world problems, online cybersecurity is more important than ever. Whether you're looking to get the skills you need for DIY projects or you're looking to start a career in cybersecurity, an online cybersecurity program can help you quickly acquire the skills and knowledge you need.

Here are some of the basic skills you're likely to learn when you enroll in an online cybersecurity program.

Phishing Defense

One of the most common tactics used by hackers to commit cybersecurity crimes starts with aggressive phishing attacks. The best online cybersecurity programs can teach you how to thwart phishing attacks at every stage.

Email Filter 

Because phishing attacks rely on users clicking to open bogus emails, your first line of cybersecurity defense is to prevent the emails from showing up in inboxes. Online cybersecurity training can teach you how to install, administer, and adjust anti-phishing email programs to stop phishing attacks before they even start. In addition to learning the basics, cybersecurity training programs can help you develop communication and leadership skills to help you help everyone on your team avoid the phishing tactics commonly used to target unsuspecting victims.

Password Management

Many phishing attacks attempt to breach password-protected data sources by resetting or recovering passwords. Cybersecurity training can show you how to manage passwords across your digital platforms. From prompting members of your team to reset their passwords more frequently to helping them craft more complex passwords, to begin with, cybersecurity training can teach you everything you need to know about password management and maintenance.


Creating layers within your digital infrastructure can help localize and minimize cybersecurity breaches. In most cases, this involves layering your cybersecurity behind increasingly impermeable firewalls.

End-to-End Encryption 

Hackers want to breach your security systems to get access to information they can leverage against you. For instance, if a hacker is able to get access to sensitive personal information of a business's employees and/or customers, they can sell the information online and/or use it to blackmail a business. Although it might be impossible to stop all cybersecurity attacks, you can make the data hackers might steal from you unusable by installing end-to-end encryption software. An online cybersecurity training program can teach you how to install, monitor, and maintain end-to-end encryption programs within the firewalls you create to silo and store data. As you become more comfortable using these programs, you can tinker with the settings to add extra protection to your most sensitive data streams.   

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