Interested in a Career as a Dental Assistant? 4 Responsibilities You'll Have in Your New Job

If you're in high school, you're probably thinking about your future career. If you're interested in dental assisting, you've chosen a good career. Dental assistants are an integral part of any dental office. They work closely with the dentist in providing dental care.

Here are four responsibilities you'll have when you enter the dental assisting field.

Get Your Patient Comfortable

As a dental assistant, your primary responsibility will be to ensure the comfort of your patient. As soon as the patient enters the back office, you'll be tending to their needs. If they're nervous, it will be up to you to help calm those fears. You can also help them by explaining the procedures they'll be undergoing, as well as describing the tools that will be used on them.

Take the X-rays

When you're a dental assistant, you'll be in charge of taking the X-rays that the dentist will use. Once the patient is seated in the operatory, you'll take the necessary X-rays. Those X-rays will help the dentist see the problems that need to be addressed. During your training, you'll learn how to take X-rays. You'll also learn how to care for the machines, as well as the protective aprons that are used during the X-ray exams.

Keep Accurate Notes

Once you've taken the necessary X-rays, you'll be required to take a complete medical and dental history for each of your patients. These notes will be used by your dentist to determine specific needs that the patient might have, including health issues that might interfere with proper dental care, such as heart problems or diabetes. It's important that you keep accurate notes for each of your patients. Without those notes, the dentist won't be able to provide proper dental care for their patients.

Assist the Dentist

While the dentist is providing treatment, you'll be assisting them. This will include handing them the appropriate dental tools, as well as assisting in other ways. During your training, you'll learn how to identify the tools your dentist will be using, as well as the order in which those tools will be used.

If you've considering a career as a dental assistant, now's the time to prepare. The information provided here will help you familiarize yourself with the responsibilities you'll have as a professional dental assistant. Talk to resources like New Mexico Institute of Dental Assisting near you about the educational requirements of becoming a dental assistant.

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