Top 4 Ways an ACT Tutor Can Improve Your Test Scores

Many colleges require applicants to complete the ACT exam, and in addition to aiding with admittance, this test is used to determine scholarship eligibility. Students would be wise to take advantage of an ACT tutor to ensure they obtain the highest score possible. Below is a list of four ways an ACT tutor can improve your test scores. 

Instructing Your Teen One-on-One 

While there are group ACT prep classes that your teen is welcome to sign up for, these classes don't offer the one-on-one attention that you would get using an ACT tutor. With a tutor your child will be able to stop and ask specific questions or request a further explanation of a concept that he or she may not have mastered yet. Some students also don't feel comfortable enough to ask questions in a group setting. Additionally, a tutor allows a teen to practice for the ACT at their own pace, not the pace of a large group.

Discovering Your Teen's Weak Areas

The first thing an ACT tutor will do is have your student take a preliminary test to discover their weak areas. This allows the tutor to quickly review the subjects that your child knows well and then spend the majority of the time going over concepts that might be a little more foreign. With a plan that is constructed solely around your teen's needs, you're sure to see an increase in test scores the next time your child takes the ACT. 

Studying with the Comforts of Home

Instead of driving to an ACT prep class inside a stuffy school building, your student will be able to relax in the comfort of his or her own home during the tutoring sessions. Eliminating the stressful environment means more attention will be placed on the material. Your teen will stay focused on learning the concepts and retaining them, which will ultimately lead to higher ACT scores. 

Holding Your Teen Accountable

Hiring a private ACT tutor also gives your teen the accountability to do practice assignments in between tutoring sessions. This extra motivation isn't always possible in a group atmosphere. The more practice your child does, the better prepared he or she will be for the test itself, and that means higher test scores. 

When searching for a private ACT tutor, make sure you hire one that not only has a great deal of experience but also has references of students whose test scores greatly improved. Such references demonstrate the tutor's ability to work with teens in a way that produces positive results. 

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