4 Tips For Passing Your Driving Test The First Time

The only thing more frightening than taking the written test for your license is taking the driving test. The driving test is nerve-wrecking for most new drivers, so you can end up making a dozen mistakes just because you're nervous. If you plan on taking your driving test for your driver's license, make sure you know some great tips for passing your test the first time. It will boost your confidence and make sure you're ready for the road.

Don't Focus on Technicalities

Many people practice putting their hands on 10 and 2, parallel parking, backing out of the driveway, and all of the other technicalities on the test. It's important to stop focusing on the technical aspects of the test and start focusing on "just driving". Find someone with a license that will let your drive whenever it's time to run errands. Drive to the gas station, drive to the grocery store, and anywhere else you need to go. If you're focused on learning how to parallel park before you are comfortable driving on the freeway, you're going to be too nervous to drive safely. Once you're comfortable driving, you can focus on the technical aspects of your driving test.

Know the Driving Route

Make sure you practice the driving route before you go take your test. Find out where the testing location is and drive around the area. You might not know the exact route that the instructors will take you, but you will have practice on the streets around the testing center. This way, you won't have any surprises when you drive the route for your testing. You'll be comfortable with the area and be able to relax.

Take Mock Driving Tests

Once you are comfortable with the driving and ready to focus on the technical aspects of the test, start practicing as if you are taking the test. Your parent might not know exactly how many points are knocked off for each little thing, but they can do their best to give you a mock test so you're all ready when the big day comes. While different states might have a slightly different point system, there is a rubric that your parent can use from the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. It has all the details you need for your test with a point system. This includes stopping at crosswalks, assuming your right of way, and other potential traffic violations. Practice a few days of week with this rubric so you will know what you need to work on, and the driving test will become second nature to you.

Use the Same Vehicle You Practiced With

It's important that you use the same car for the test that you used while you practiced. You might think that a car is just a car, but it takes time to get used to a new vehicle. If you aren't an experienced driver, it's going to take even longer to get used to a different vehicle. If the car that you planned to use broke down or something else came up, causing you to need to use someone else's vehicle, make sure you get practice in with that vehicle before you go take your driving test. You need to go over all of the controls, buttons, and switches in the car. Make sure you know how to turn on the headlights, the windshield wipers, and how to move the seats. If you're not familiar with the vehicle, you can become flustered and do poorly on your test.

Your driving test is both an exciting and a nerve-wracking time in your life. Make sure you do everything you can to pass it the first time so you can enjoy the freedom of having your driver's license. Practice driving, take mock tests, and use a vehicle you're familiar with for your testing. For more information on this topic, check out a site like http://www.a1peckdrivingschool.com.

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